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When you see the disaster that the war brought to the Ukrainian people, are you as eager as we are to send hope to the Ukrainian people in the war?

Since the end of February 2022, the situation in Ukraine has deteriorated rapidly, and military operations have spread to many Ukrainian cities and towns, posing a serious threat to civilian lives and critical civilian infrastructure. By early April 2022, more than 4.5 million Ukrainians had left their homes to flee the war and flowed to neighbouring borders. Along with the country's civilian population, they desperately need food, water, emergency medical care, medicine and safe shelter. wait. The conflict has affected a third of the country, or as many as 18 million people, and the number of people forced to flee their homes is expected to rise further.

More than 10,000 volunteers and staff from the Ukrainian Red Cross are providing humanitarian services, while Red Cross societies in neighbouring countries such as Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania and Moldova are also supporting displaced people at the border. Services include first aid, food, water, emergency shelter and psychological support. Hundreds of teams from the International Red Cross are also conducting humanitarian services in Ukraine. We adhere to the principles of neutrality, independence and impartiality to ensure humanitarian aid reaches civilians affected by conflict.

How on earth can we help Ukraine?

Your donation supports the Red Cross in providing humanitarian assistance during the emergency phase to civilians affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, helping them through the most difficult times. The Red Cross will also provide medium and long-term support to those in need, based on local needs and developments.

For security reasons, and in order not to cause trouble to your life, we do not recommend using traditional methods to help the Ukrainian people, so we have opened a digital currency donation channel, as long as you register and have a digital currency wallet, you can send money to the Ukrainian people . Go to a hope, give a little love within your power, the Ukrainian people will remember us, the good people in the world will pray for you, and God will bless the good people!

We do not forgive!

We will not forget!

We are the first crypto fund to help Ukraine during this difficult time.

Our main goal is to help the Ukrainian people overcome the crisis they are currently facing. We raise money for food, medicine, fuel, and the rebuilding of destroyed homes.

We need help now!

If you read and know this, don't stay out of it. Help stop the war in Ukraine!

We are very grateful to our donor partners who are taking the lead in helping the people of Ukraine. Learn more about joining our unstoppable force.

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Let's stop the war together!
Let's stop the war together!

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